my ideal soulmate

my ideal guys who i thought was the one broke my heart ...somehow i dont like guys in singapore as they are not relationship material..... i guess have not meet my ideal man who will love and married me and only want me and no one else which mean i am his ideal man and emotionally,physically and sexually i am his dream boy.....
im still learning to be better but it will be nice to have someone who we can have a conversation and i can live with.....i am a traditional kind of guy and i dont believe in open or 3 way or etc.....i love old movies where u met your romance...have our up and down.... and u live together and create memories....he propose to me with him kneeling .....hahah

i do prefer bigger guys with build and older as i feel protected but doesnt need to have like define abs and lean tone i guess in a way is meaty...rugged and fit ( guys who gym and is comfortable  with his body)

im into all race but overall he has to be honest and a man who believe the same value as me ....firm and monogomous who believe in love and marriage with me

somehow from the conversation i had in social app it seem my ideal guys are all western characteristic located in states or germany etc maybe i will move there