as you all know I am style consultant not just on fashion but home too and my department I am in charge in Robinsons is Home and Lifestyle.it has been a while I posted something but I have to apologize to my reader as I was going towards my tough period and I tend to concealed myself. However enough about me, here are the upcoming trend analysis 

Color: shades of blue

when it comes to shades of blue go beyond than just the plain blue but color that is unique like teal, midnight blue,  turquoise and etc will look good together and prevent you from looking like SMURF !

one of my favorite color was actually bronze, steel gray and unique shades of blue like teal - which I am happy that my favorite color will be the next upcoming trend.  and somehow it is a good combination. I never knew, to be honest...but is just that maybe I was lucky or concurring , the reason why i like this color is because I am color blind- red and green  , So my work tend to color more towards monochromatic, neutral pallette and of course blue.

complement it with the black interior  to increase to another notch  .

when you say wood people will always not relate it to luxury because where it come from and it relate be nature. is all about the finishing touch and how is it done whether is the process or ,finishing .

copper have that raw look something similiar like rose gold which is why copper are always the original and is not process  look like rose gold which the society perceive as more valuable. . 

to summarise here are material and color to complement this look .

elements; marble, copper , wood
color ; black, white , grey , copper ,  blue ,

  •  play different kind shades 
  • finishing of a product is important 
  • texture 
  • if is match your personality and style( if you dont like it you dont need to follow \ 'you cant keep up with trend as is always changing but  our personal style remains.