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Haus Of Jìn | Lim Jin sung

金 Haus of Jìn | Lim Jin Sung

you must be wondering what is Haus of jin .....that is a brand that i wish for my own in-house design or even my company that i will build one day ....why haus of jin?well let me explain

haus are derived from the german word house simple enough and to show my work whether is artwork, fashion and lifestyle it doesnt matter all I want it to be are just IDEAS AND WORK that i want to create base on my interest and i will execute it is all take place in the haus of Jin where ideas/sharing/learning/process/ execution are made

Jīn , literally means "gold which also my chinese/korean name lim jin sung ( this is one way to pronounce my name.

Why jin

1)well it has history which i belive that a company required strong history and culture to succeed

2)gold somehow is good presentation of value as money is just a piece of paper are used as alternative to show their wealth = I feel resembles luxury

3) GOLD has values which speaks for my …

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