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Your day master is Yang Wood, JIA in Chinese (甲).

 (JiaYang Wood is like a tree, tall, sturdy, stubborn, and ever growing upward. Symbolize/stand for the phenomenon of a seedling break through the soil. Belong to pine and cypress and big tree, strong and powerful. From the way trees extend themselves to reach sunlight for growth, Jia people will spend efforts to plan and develop in order to move upward from their current situation. Moreover their roots are always rooted firmly in the ground; they are not easily wavered by strong winds. The characteristics of Jia people are that they have strong willpower, are outspoken, will not give up easily even encountered some setbacks. They are righteous and not the type who will beat around the bush. They like to upkeep morals and reputation. Their character is also steady and down to earth. Hence they are not frivolous and they are not slipshod in their work. 

No matter what they do, they have a strong sense of responsibility and are of honorable people, and seldom get wavered by temptations. Jia people are able to sympathize with others, will not turn away knowing others in need of help; however this may lead to much interference to others. Shortcomings are that they are stubborn, not able to compromise, not as quick-witted and sometimes not able to adapt to changing circumstances. Like a strong tree with roots firmly grounded, any changes are unlikely to happen overnight. As in the growth of a small tree, we can anticipate that it will grow into a tall and strong tree. Hence it is easy to foresee the development of the growth and character of a Jia person. It is unlikely that Jia people would develop otherwise, unless they meet with a very great setback or they grow up in a abnormal background.


The Pioneer is known for their gumption, ingenuity and no-holds-barred approach to life. They are extremely pragmatic, risk-averse and action-oriented. They like having a sense of power and being able to prove their strength. They are loyal and generous to those close to them.

The Pioneer is a powerhouse of energy and daring go-getter, a competent and straight-talking force of change. The Pioneer Profile is a visionary who thinks big, with plenty of ambition to spare. You are independent and capable, and don’t see why you shouldn’t get what you want if you work hard to attain ti. You build yourself and your life from scratch.

On the negative side, they can be extremely willful and domineering. The Pioneer can be headstrong, blunt, confrontational and vengeful. “Never say die” is their motto, and dislikes weakness or to be questioned. They are also likely to be careless as they tend to look at the bigger picture and neglect the small details. You can become filled with temper when things go awry, and take your independence too far. You get impatient easily and expect things to always go your way.
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