happy home

now the only thing that's broke about me

is I lost him...
So many people should have seen what we got going on
I only wanna put my heart and my life in words 
Writing about the pain I felt with my lover gone
About the emptiness I felt when I sat alone
About the happiness I feel when I sing it loud
He should have heard the noise when we quarrel

I thought about it for a while and I'm not at a loss
Knowing that I'm gonna live my whole life without him
I found out a lot of things I never knew about him
All I know is that I'll never really be alone
Cause I gotta lot of love and a happy home

PEOPLE might be talking but I don't ever listen to them
Some of the people I used to know would see and start believing
That rumors would eventually pass them by on streets and soon it reach to greet me
I was reminded constantly.... even though I rarely meet them 

as i soon seen with my own eyes 
it has ,will and always been the truth...
people did warn me....but i blinded by his words 
he always wanted a fan base depended on a single man
Before a single heart was broken by a single show

Who's gonna stand who's gonna fall I guess now I know
I grew up with a lot of love in a happy home

and wanted to share it with you...I still get nervous every time once you use to play with me only but now you are gone

I had what i thought was perfect and I wanna be perfect too

but we all know there is no such thing...

what's worse is when the person is beside you but yet felt lonely...
we say our goodbye........cried at first 
but somehow a huge relief that is over...even Though I really feel sometimes I am on my own now

butI know I got a lot of love and a happy home to give someone who deserve equally