Chapter 1- PILOT

Just like the beginning of every series ...this is a blog about the Things I am passionate about and to improve in my english writing ( honesty) is the kind of a journal about what is the most current trend or just something on my mind that I wish to discuss..... just remember Everyone has their own personal taste

 so let me tell you more about myself

  • I have interest in fashion, food, travel and Psychology

  • Appreciation of design and beautiful Craftsmanship, Watches and Jewelery

  • I am bad at drawing though and I am color blind ( deficient of green and red but i can see ....just differently from other)

  • I have a good sense of style and didn't realize it- most of my friends told me and ask for my advice

  • I see the good thing in life and tend to be analytical thinker
  • I am simple guy who enjoy quiet time but can be a shopoholic

To be continue.....