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Robinsons The Heeren
260 Orchard Road

AT Robinsons The Heeren, why lift a finger when its personal shopper service can do it for you? And it's not just for fashion and beauty items, but home and living needs as well.

Opt for the service, and you can relax at the Personal Shopping Suite, nodding or shaking your head as you're shown the store's selection of bath towels and cushions.

Personal shopper Shaun Lim says that over the years, the store has steadily built a large loyal customer base who enjoy buying things from its Bedshop department.

"With their continued support, we thought that it made sense to provide them with an even-better retail experience by offering personalised Home & Living Personal Shopper Services to them," he adds.

Face-to-face appointment

Shoppers first fill up a questionnaire with their requests, such as finding items for a new apartment.

Within the next three days, a Personal Shopper will call the customer to find out about their preferences and arrange a face-to-face appointment at the Personal Shopping Suite.

Once there, the Personal Shopper presents the customer a mood board, and a wide selection of items, expertly curated based on the customer's needs.

A personal tour around the store can also be arranged, and the one- or two-hour session will end with the customers buying what they want.

Robinsons' team of personal shoppers are trained in visual merchandising. "In addition, my experience in working in retail for a diverse range of fashion, lifestyle and luxury goods brands has taught me to critically analyse upcoming trends and confidently address customers' demands and concerns," notes Mr Lim. "It also helps that I am personally interested in the area of home and living too."

Items that the Personal Shopper picks out are all from Robinsons, although they do have some requests from customers who are looking for something outside of Robinsons, and "we do our best to provide them with ideas and suggestions", says Mr Lim.

Some of the homeware brands that Robinsons carries include Comme Homme, Galanga Living, the "M Project" by Baobab Collection, and Dome Deco.

Mr Lim points out that shoppers usually think of fashion first when it comes to Personal Shopping. "Hence, we are very keen on raising awareness and informing shoppers about the fact that the Personal Shopper Service is applicable for our Home & Living section as well," he explains.

"So far, we have received very encouraging feedback from the shoppers who have used our Home & Living Personal Shopper Service and we expect more requests for this complimentary service."