the beginning of new never full of roses but more of reality check

I have to apologize....for not updating my blog as regular as it should be as I have started my first job as a  assistant personal shopper....I have so much to learn for this 6 whole month ....1 week has pass and just did  the event called black friday.....It can be draining at times and sometime I feel like giving up....but I told myself that to be patient and soon it will be rewarding....what keeps me going is my understanding lover and my supportive colleague.... who understand my job to learn practically everything from the basic operation...sales their culture have to work hard and make everyone knows who you are when you just join the company....I have to understand that my work-life balance might kinda be screw up when I take this offer but I believe that the more I invested on it will soon be rewarding....I know it might sound like a happy fun job to be paid as shopping but at the end of the day you have to proof to people that you are an asset to company.....I am still under supervision for 6 mth and I hope I can proof myself that I am more capable without me knowing...


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