My wishlist of bags

I think I may be a bagwhore and watchwhore this is some of the wish list of bag that I feel will never go out of style because is either Iconic which has brand recognition and values because of their design,craftsmanship  and long history the company has established itself etc..... all this factors adding up  can change a value of bag..... A design that timeless and well thought could make it a household name and even a must have bag for people who are into fashion.

one reason we must respect is that artisan are getting lesser year by year as technology progress and machines are taking over replacing them (  lesser manpower and able to produce more effcienty....artisan become something like a rare species....

here are some the bags I own and in my wishlist.....

Bags I own

Hermes birkin 40 silver hardwarde

( I wanted gold hardware  but i Cant pick since is so hard to get one) but I am blessed I was able to attain this beauty with my saving and was part of my bday present

Celine phantom luggage navy with green trimming ( summer 2014)

I Always love celine phantom for their design (something about their design attracts me somehow)

Chanel quilted lambskin  clutch bag 

 a bag that I went for many interviews... many people were surprise a guy could carry chanel and was compliment by many peers 

MCM Studded backpack ( turquoise ) it was a gift and I like it as it is very edgy and the color is seasonal it suits my style when u feel "streetwear" look


Bags I desire 

Fendi peek-a-boo

So many design so many choice is hard to choose one but grey or light tone color will be my next  bag

YSL Sac De Jour

Celine BOSTON bag ( multicolor)

Hermes kelly depeche briefcase ( this rare beauty)

Hope I can attain all this maybe when I am  CEO of certain company hahah