For the love of......CLUTCH

well as we know phone are getting bigger and we are getting more cards (like credit card and membership card for different purpose ) which can seem to be a hassle when travel arounds.....I use a orange goyard wallet for my daily casual days which I been using for almost 3 years and still look good btw .....then additional stuff from your home keys and your earphone for your music resulted a person required to hold a bag not too big and not too small

Being very organized person which I didnt knew  I then decided to go minimal at time when I am off to work and just hold my bottega 5 card slot card holder because I require to tap security door , drink card and etc ....sadly I am not able to carry some of my bag that I love to my work as it is not practical and require security checkpoint every time I use the staff exit.... you understand if you work in Department store

My love towards the clutch bag....grows as as I Feel that it is practical some call toiletry bag and document folder depending on size n shape

....essential and yet fashionable at same could see fashion in men are growing towards clutch  in fashion show....or even seen in street fashion.

here are some bags which I adore

Chanel O- Bag lambskin -the luxury and expensive look

who say Chanel is only for ladies ...this Chanel o lamb which they design for last year s/s15 are limited and seasonal collection...if you wish to get one of this baby chances are it is sold 2nd hand which is hard too since no one will let go of this baby....

MCM clutch bag - The street look

MCM are known for the superior quality they are made of some kind of high durable plastic that looks like leather but at same time aesthetic  .... additionally.pricing cheaper than other branded bag and it is the first korean brand that succeed internationally

Gucci floral clutch- the soft touch

many people will be too afraid to carry this small and is flowery ....but to me I just love it....I think u need to take a risk in fashion and be realistic ....confident and you be suprise

MONOGRAM/PRINTED CLUTCH- Will never go wrong

to name a few LV is a classic  design...and is kinda like every one first luxury item ( we get it your first :-P)

I love KART which are almost like Goyard ( rumors say it is from the same factory )  The only difference goyard is hand drawn while this one is printed but monogram design always looks good with minilistic look


I always looking for something that has the 3d effect ...which mean a bag that is simple and yet pop out effect far bao bao and bottega has done with that 3d visual that are just timeless and