2016 - TOTE BAG

well tote is back for the year 2016 so boys let's get started.....
to me tote required to be structured and clean ....don't forget about functional....it should not over powering an individual  -as we know it is still a accessories

correct measurement is essential because too small will look like a lady bag so get a minimum of 30 +-cm width ( this is based from my height which is 172 cm/ 5.67ft )

color is individual perspective....whether is your favorite color....compliment your style on that day....etc


Leather /canvas/pvc/ suede/etc - all of this required many factors to consider how you care...the design....is it practical ....will it match? ask yourself what is more important when getting that material....

last but not least is how you see that bag for the first time if is love at first sight...just get it......sometime the heart knows better than being logical...here are some bags that I am targeting next which I feel resemble and compliment my style


left ( I have no idea what brand is this ,anyone knows)
Right - LV