my ideal home

well as you realize I Do have many general The creativity or any ideas /project which allows us to show our  individual work ....there is no right or wrong but simply whether people could understand your concept you created and wish to potray ....being a person that goes by emotional more I guess people do tend to appreciates the craftmanship and the beauty of almost everything....

fyi how small is sg for my usa viewers and other country ( thank you for visiting my blog)

so I am saving up now to purchase my first home because I feel that is a good investment and at least you have something to cover u ....and if you are living in singapore it is known for land that is so small even to hongkong ...price will always goes up gradually but never down....but I love to move to states cause is one of fashion capital and since english is my native it should be no problem .....cultural far the guys there are very friendly to me....haha

anyway my ideal home

minimal modern

simple and yet elegant and home accessories that bring the extra added zing....I love the idea of different elements like metal wood marble to give more homey and yet luxurious....color tend to be neutral  my ideal home is having a loft that has high ceiling and ...white color give the room looks bigger and dark colours such as wine , maroon , grey bring the furniture pops

i guess i am consistent when it comes to my fashion or even home....balance and minimal but yet has character without trying too hard....

must be the buddism teaching i guess even though im a free thinker ....