haus of jin | The story | part 2

as some of you know haus of jin is a brand that I am currently developing and I would like to develop a products in a mere futuree but this ideas are really something I Invested ,research my own time as I am passionate about creating my own  company and where the inspiration comes from....

The art of modern minimalist

The Haus of Jin was formed in 2014, from a simple story which has beginning the idea which was formed during his university period. Shaun lim jin song ( his full name )has always intrigued by many things from fashion , technology , watches ,jewelry art and even furniture . he always love making new ideas and tend to share his wild random ideas to his closed friends and asking why? how can it be improve? what are the function? which make him a very curious boy and seems to be all over the place…his first job was as junior style consultant....which puzzled him as he has no fashion education and it was just something he always passionate and everyone perceive he is a designer or look like one potential to started as simple from his dressing  which was not loud but it has taste that everyone kinda like ....somehow right and tastefully enough....and receive compliments as years goes....working and exposed by media his inspiration grow and he knew he may not be the smartest....or even good at art...but he has many ideas , talent which are something that can't be learn and it is all through inspiration and concept . growing up and learning from a simple to luxury item. he is able to appreciate anything that is value and yet aesthetic.he is daring to try new design and yet still respect traditional and his roots - he like it that way and  he love balance and not extremist- 

why haus of jin?

haus which mean house in german and shaun believe german are known for they realibility as technology pro

jin which mean gold derived from his middle name became a part of every human culture. Its brilliance, natural beauty, and luster, and its great malleability and resistance to tarnish made it enjoyable to work and play with. gold has values in economy yet it is trustworthy 

Haus of jin appreciates quality excellence and creativity...which mean all product made only with the finest material and designed with excellent craftsmanship in order for minimalist designed to be attained 'less is more' help to appreciate the beauty of a design without explaining or overpowering....

" I believe design are supposed to be simple which doesn't require too much explanation and a product are suppose to complement you not overshadowed....