ideal body for my self

I think is fair to say we human tend to want more after we achieved good example is ideal body and looks....we are attracted to something whether is plus or negative is up to individual upbringing and beauty is the eye of beholder. being asian and i was fortunate to grow more mature then others my mind tend to understand and being emphatical towards other becausei was independent  since i was 16 ...i have to face life myself and faces problem like all of you people such as office politic...surviving with that small part time....and being introvert i dont open up... we all fear of  rejection by others but i learn is alright to be reject cause every one has their orn opinion and taste not because you ugly.... which allows me to realize we cant have everything and it is ok...rather learn to cherish something that you can have....or change to something that makes you happy.... i was a fat kid and had a round face.....and never had a talent.....i realize  i want to look stylist and look good with nice bod . i am still long way to go if you look at my instagram many compliment which i appreciate but this is the body and looks that i wish to attain

beard - i attain this and i look good hehe

my body is like almost there maybe 75% so another 25 % to attain this body ( my waist is like this already)

i wanted a tattoo like this which tells a story and maintain the athelatic bod to create boyish/manly/ bad boy bod and passive personality hahah