thank you for leaving me.....

it has been almost a month plus.....that you parted your ways with me .....the funny thing is...I do still think about you....I am not angry, or sad....mostly disappointed that you were not that guy that I thought you were....our last conversation we ended in a bad note maybe because your new guy told you that he is uncomfortable or maybe he does not like me to be close to you. To me it does not have chosen him over me......I have stop blaming myself but instead the problem has always been you.

I learn the way you have treated me was never love but was a rebound since your second ex ....which is like 2+7+4 = 13 years you been running and you have never take responsibility and this guy you with sadly....still a rebound.....same goes to him....

You see love , it’s not going to be picture perfect. It’s not going to be all butterflies and roses. It’s going to be tough work. It’s going to be a lot of compromising. And a lot of arguments. But, that is what is going to make the relationship right.

1. They won’t let your mistakes stop them from loving you.

2. They won’t walk away

What’s going to be different about the right person, is that they won’t break your heart. They will not leave you to rot alone. They won’t turn their back on you when you need them most. And they won’t run away when you need them to catch you in their arms.

3. listen to you instead of ignoring you or running away

The right person isn’t going to ignore you when you have a problem. They won’t push your problem away. They will listen contently, whether they like what they are hearing or not. And then, they will focus on how to change that and how to make you happier.

4.They will remember what makes you smile and not make me cry over and over again

The person who is right for you, won’t ever forget what makes your world light up. They will remember the tiny details about you that you even can forget sometimes. They will notice when you stare at a piece of jewelry while shopping, they will notice when you turn up your nose at something they cook, and they will listen to your heartbeat to find out what type of kiss you like best.

5. They won’t control you.

The right person won’t want to control you in any way. They will know that you are your own person and you are capable of making decisions by yourself. They won’t tell you which look better on you, because they like the way you smile when you try on your crazy outfit. They won’t tell you not to order that pizza, because they love the way your eyes brighten at the first smell of it. They love you just the way you are, which i always

6. They won’t want you to be anyone but to be the best of yourself.

The right person isn’t going to nag at you for not putting the item back , or not wearing the appropriate looks. They aren’t going to scoff at you for spilling red wine on your white shirt, or even hit his forehead when on the way to work .They will show they adore and care every single thing you do. And they won’t want you to pretend to be someone you aren’t.

7. They will let you be.

The right person for you isn’t going to suffocate you with their presence. They will want you to have your alone time, as well as theirs. They know that a healthy relationship requires balance. And some days, you are really going to need space. The right person will respect that.

8. Your friends and parents will love them.

If your parents or friends don’t like the guy you are dating, that is a serious red flag. The right person for you will do everything in their power to make sure the ones close to you, feel safe knowing you are with that person. The right person will be polite with your parents and will reassure them that you are in good hands. The right person will not be a threat to you or your close ones.sadly my friends dont approve my ex.

9. They will be affectionate with you (but not overly).

No matter what their preference is for PDA, the right person for you will steal every opportunity to hug you, hold hands with you, or touch you gently on the shoulder. The right person will want you to always feel safe and comfortable wherever you are.

10. They will always make you laugh.

No matter how bad of a day you had, or how bad of a mood you are in, the right person will never fail to make giggle. The right person for you will just get your sense of humor, and will always try to lighten the mood with something they know will make you feel better. Their main goal is to make you happy. And to let you know how much they love you every single day. which is why i always crack joke.....