True luxury

being authentic .....I say that a lot didn't I....if you do read my post is consistent and is always being one of my values....I believe that we all are unique based on personality but I found out that it can also be in business and that's how  you separate successful people from the crowd.

we lived in a competitive world ... when it comes to sproduct, marketing and dont let me start with numbers . the reason why i tend to not able to cope in a company is because is too structured and they are asking me to be someone that I am not which slowly taking my passion away.I decided that my passion is more important and I May lose my job but I am working to create my brand which is Haus Of Jin.

to seperate from the modern society and be outcast is difficult  because you are creating your own path .....your own style a risk...but i realize now why I like certain companies like one e.g  Hermes. mentioned "true luxury is about authenticity and  intregrity" which makes me kinda relief that since you are already on the journey of my own there is no turning back  but along the I know why I am into that brand...

haus of jin is coming soon...the art of modern minimilistic