Vertu - made in china ?

Have you heard the brand call 'Vertu'

Vertu is a British manufacturer and retailer of luxury, handmade mobile phones established by Finnish mobile-phone manufacturer Nokiain 1998. In October 2012 Nokia sold Vertu to private equity group EQT VI for an unspecified amount,[2] (rumoured to be $200 million),[3]but retained a 10% share.[4] By the end of 2013, the company had around 350,000 customers, and phones were on sale in 500 retail outlets, including 70 run by the company.[5] In 2015, it was announced that EQT had sold its share of Vertu to Godin Holdings, a Hong Kong-based holding company.[

a vertu entree level can cost almost $10,000 just for your info but is a niche market cause so far i dont know other companies that does luxury smartphone.

The whole reason why I wanna talk about this is because this topic was brought up in one of the dinner I had with my what happen next for vertu ? since it sold to HK GOLDIN HOLDING will it lose its brand value and recognition.will it be cheaper since china is known for 'ahem' ....

well rest assure vertu owner - especially my hubby

here what will remain

  • It will still be designed on hand in house which is at england so is still ' MADE IN ENGLAND' (yay !!! to the 450 staff)
  • NO cutting or changes in the price 
  • premium element that vertu are known for in using on their phone such as 'sapphire glass touch screen', Titanium and exotic material such as crocs, ostric etc etc REMAINS

so what's the changes?


Vertu are also known for its butler service what it does you can call them anytime anyday and request anything you want ! im not joking! one customer requested an elephant and they get the customer keep in their house I dont know? lets just say they have contact and wide network

the new improved value added service will be call 'VERTU CLUB' instead

reason wise most vertu  key customer are located in China and russia....this allows the service to be more localised and better assistance can be given....

the concierge team are required to be more well rounded as additional service and skill such as
- Finance
- Healthcare

will be implemented

after my own research i felt a sense of relieved too cause when company are sold to another company...many things always change for better or for worse ....lets hope they remain the top