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my blog will be change to hausofjin.blogspot.com.sg in few days time

I recently was confirmed as a junior stylist in my job at robinson....my personal blog are required to be more about passion and not about myself in order for my passion and career to grow as I am new in the market and marketing decided to exposed us more in media and PR do keep a look out.

As a junior stylist which are new in department and very niche job market which is very new to people in singapore many people did not know we had such service and job . I was selected among many candidates and are thankful for the opportunity I was  given a chance . from A job agent who I meet for the first time, to the HR manager of that company, and now my boss all have the same comment

" You have no experience in fashion and never took any courses related to it....but there is something about you....."

those 3 ladies did not know each other and are stranger to me but all 3 happen to see me being a potential and someone that can succeed   .....

my manager who advised me till today....shaun there will be people who be jealous or bitter asking why you? what so great about him? or rumors we are related?  show to them by your action and time will answer every one question . If you have a problem , someone  or anything you want to learn do ask me as my office is always available ....and I WILL help you....you also have to help yourself and know what you want and pursue your interest

my service or style advice is about honesty and sincerity ....I always knew what works for each individual but at times I can't explain it .I guess  a few factors to consider  from my perspective is

- understanding the person character and lifestyle
-having strong intuition and EQ
-The person hidden character they wish to project but unable for certain reason
- Helping the person to find self identity  and link to which brand that has the same value

which was a hidden talent that I discovered over the years after recommending certain design or ideas from peers ,customer and family member.

I am still human and I may made mistake....but I Learn and take responsibility for my action , knowledge is endless and everyday will always be a lesson. I believe in pursuing my dream and  being passionate are the things I DO differently from others and make me someone to be an ideal  people that people to look up to....helping someone who required my personal advice and service bring me great smile as helping people succeed in being confident and who they are .

I apologize beforehand  as I am still a junior stylist my service are only in SINGAPORE and in the company I work for  which is  ROBINSON @ HEEREN  ( you can find it under career section above)

how to CONTACT

(Robinson ) website
If you registered your name in the robinson website under personal shopper you may get random stylist ( there are 4 of us ) all of them are talented individual and are selected for a reason

walk in client

are not advisable because we are booked by appointment  and each client is important to us but if happen to be in heeren you could ask the customer service located at level 1 ask for any availability stylist working

however if you prefer my service which is kitchen(B1), beds(Penthouse-LVL 5) , men department ( LVL 4 ) and ladies shoes and accessories (LVL 2)  my direct email is