sales career path

well I have done my research i guess this is the path i am taking 

do rememeber some key points which i  wanna share after you graduate and choosing a company

- choose which industry
- choose what specialization you be good at and can perform well
- choose the company whether is famous or not doesnt matter ....u just starting
- see whether the company is making money or not
- see their culture
- get into the interview and see who u be working and under with
-perform what ever neccessary required during that 3-6 mth and with excellence
- get along with everyone from the high and low meaning even the cleaner....
- never get into politic
- always ask but relevant question
- observe and listen more
- never act too confident or mr know it all
-always give element of suprise
- respect everyone
- you can negotatiate
-always be diplomatic