why do good people leave their job ? forgive my runting

what about all of them for my case .....

I was 'young'  when comes to work ....I know is my first job....I know things can be worse ..but it's not possible that I am feeling that way people that I am close to are leaving 1 by 1 . at first maybe they are just not satisfied in things they do but yet again I Seen people who have been working with the brands because of the " brand loyalty" i am sorry your brand used to be that but u have lost it...

I was being humble and told to work for at least a year....guess that is a magic number ...cause I Listen to the older generation but then again that what the generation X always believe is long hard work but here are the things society have change and  because they don't have the privalege like  generation Y .... which is me,I Felt that our generation are just robot we just do what we required.......we have education but you dont apply it... they dont have skill set like craftmanship which i feel is depleting....but here is the thing i am tired of listening to other people opinon....this is my life (rebel heart remember) but after 6 mth i have proof to everyone i can perform your expectation. and if u gonna keep it like this u will be paid by the hours u work....i realize i have more value which i never realize and discover new talent

forgive my runting I just need to ......

  • I AM HARDWORKING I have work since 16 (part time or not is still a job)
  • i was INDEPENDENT and need to take care of myself (both parent were overse cause of their jobs- which i am bless) in career life I require no supervision 
  • i have bachelor degree in marketing which is essential for me to climb the coorperate ladder and understand what seems lacking in a company is simple ( communication)
  • i was  Humble and was told to do my work  without caring since I just graduated I did not ask for much or was " green'in almost everything about work so i didn't complain but then being quite and doing your work doesnt do anything you need to clarify and yu need to explain so misunderstanding wont occurs
  • 6 Mth of probation I have PASS  100% (that's the mark )and it was a successful 5 floor I am required to learn everything from item and what kind of customer and what is the peak and what is not...how to handle everything from operation, logistic, customer service , sales I even good at styling ...and I know I be good in interior designing...and have many ideas for business to develop ...i done my own research in my own time and yet....is quite simple.....I may like the people I work with only the sales associate, promoter  and supervisor because I went hardship with them and we work our ass off....but other department dont.....and the brand has lost their focus.... 
  • 6 mth I have grown a family and friends....but my friends leave 1 by 1
  • I LEARN  I am competative and strive to be better and still learning
I know what I Wanted in life and now I have learn in that 6 mth what I Want is still the same... i want to work in luxury retail  I Wanted to be recognized as the voice in the organization....i want to change .....i want to be the underdog who been to the sales floor and knows whats on the sales floor now is time for me to climb to sit with manager ....so my next target is asst managerial role in sales and operation why ? simple .....when u are the most hated department and you fix every one problem u seen more shit and u want to put the end of it and not repeating the same cycle either in this company if they feel i am valuable or i will grab other opportunity arised- my guts just tell me is time and i trust my guts no one else