THis trend S/S 2016 MEN COLOR

well I guess color is never my strength and is all about preference and choices to match individual style....and when u are invited to a theme event

WITHOUT further due here are some of the color and style for people who do follow or is still in discovering process

Think of safari theme but with patterns that resembles be careful of certain design like big pattern that is overwhelming because you dont want to look like you are trying too hard instead smaller printed  pattern will give more clean look ....some people could match and mix different all about balance 

new york , tokyo , city light resembles all the neon and loud colors that catches our eyes just like color blocking and the psychedelic era but more modern touch....fitting is important and mixing 2-3 colors is preffered

think of summer , beach and cruise .....shorts is essential in summer and style preppy top like shirt, cardigan or even suit...just like the elite school the cool kids