disc personality type - another personality test but somehow accurate of how we all work ....

have you taken disc personality test ? DISC 
when i took the test S was my highest which is 44%
and C -22% D -18% and I is 6% so to be precise thereis more of 16 personality test if you go in Depth you take the highest and then second highest ( mine C & D is somehow similiar thats why i fall into

SDC, SCD - Inquirer

as an Inquirer style, is patient, controlled, and enjoys digging for clues and facts. Inquirers are easy going and amiable. They plan their work carefully, but aggressively. They ask questions and collect data then they work consistently in directed channels. Being a considerate, modest individual, shaun relates well to most people. |shaun  is a consistent, accommodating individual. An Inquirer’s reserved people skills dominate while their task-oriented traits are close behind. shaun enjoys people, but is neither pushy nor gets in the way. Inquirers are slow to take initiative and do not adapt quickly to change. They welcome the status quo and may have trouble meeting deadlines. Close relationships are very important to them, but they are selective in choosing friends. They desire predictable work environments and need inspiration, some challenges and sincere appreciation. shaun is also service oriented and very dependable. Because of their dogged determination, Inquirers are successful at many things. Inquirers’ calm, steady and perseverant characteristics contribute to their success. Tenacious after starting a project, they fight hard for objectives. Independent and questioning in approach, shaun is thorough and possesses follow-through. shaun uses logic and analysis to make decisions, and is firm almost to the point of stubbornness after making these decisions. Inquirers may be open to other people's beliefs and opinions but have very strong personal convictions. If these convictions are challenged, they will respond to the challenge and be convincing in their justification by utilizing facts. shaun does not normally initiate conflict, but has very strong feelings about resolving conflict and will rise to the occasion and not back down.