less is more

My first idea of what  good worth investment is actually luxury leather wallets....when I meant investment is not something that you will sell in future... In my own terms meant that something is worth of buying because it has status , style and quality that last . if you want to know what kind of person without talking and looking at how he dress to know he has decent style  is actually wallet and watch .

Suit if you look at red carpet there is not much variety to look at  from the naked eye and fitting is a MUST not optional ...colours is subjective to personal preference ...so look at the wallet....

  • when u see a person that has a bifold wallet but they cram all the receipt and force the cardholder to hold more then it should what do u say about this person? 

a person who is messy ? aggresive? or just doesnt care?

  • when u look at long wallet and u put in a back pocket? which is not where it supposed to be ? what do u think ? when u sat some sat the on the long wallet and spoiled the product...and blame the wallet is not good...
wallet act as a function which is to hold and you must know howm to carry it and  care....

we live in technology now....we now pay using phone but some use card....but leave your clutter behind and invest card holder....is minimal and believe me ....it remove you from clutter and you will love it 

here are some brands and eventually you will find the card holder that represent you